Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my year-end lovelies! How are you? Are you suffering from Post Christmas Stress Disorder? I suggest that you do like Ms. Lizardmom says and keep the decorations up, keep the celebration going. After all, aren’t there twelve days of Christmas? Even more in some religions. So keep the mistletoe growing and glad tidings flowing. All of that last week, that was for everybody else. Now have some Christmas for yourself. Take a break, relax, and soak in the holiday spirit.

Some of you will be imbibing spirits of a different sort this weekend. Happy New Year! If you are indulging, please leave the driving to someone else. I certainly hope that 2012 will be less angry than 2011. Nastiness seems to be the norm now. Oh dear.

Our marvelous and majestic Green Bay Packers won against the Chicago Bears on Christmas. Happy, happy, merry, merry! Next, they face the Detroit Lions on New Year’s Day at noon in Lambeau Field. I predict another holly jolly win.

Psst, have you noticed how little snow we’ve received and how mild it has been? Shh. Don’t wake Father Winter.

In honor of the upcoming New Year, and in the hope of kick-starting that year with some good vibrations, I have selected this video for you. Please enjoy Ian Axel performing “This is the New Year.”

Oh my, that certainly is upbeat, isn’t it? Now I have some hope and love in my heart going into 2012. Bring it on.

Thank you for reading my blog this week. It’s so nice to visit with the JTIs and other friends. No matter how many presents you gave or received for Christmas, you’re all gifted. Your best gift to me is being my friend.

Want to know what your New Year’s resolutions should be?

Enjoy New Year’s Eve and Day, my dear friends. Remember, moderation is the key. All my blessings upon you for the coming year. Peace, love and joy to everyone. Madame Zoltar™ commands it. Mythomania!


Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame Z- Happy New Year to you. I hope you have a great New Years!♥

jedwis said...

It can't be Wednesday without Mme Z. She is the best, I don't know what I'd do without her advice. She knows all...Mythomania... Just kidding Mme Z...Happy New Year to you and to everyone.

lizardmom said...

father winter can take the year off and just rest, we'll make it just fine without the snow,I think he should conserve his energy this year :)

OrbsCorbs said...

Happy New Year, Mme. Z! Thank you for the wonderful word. Mythomania: "an excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating." Hmm, who does that remind me of?

Great New Year's tune, too.

kkdither said...

I value your friendship, Madame Z. Thank you for a wonderful blog and getting us all through another week. Has my order for your 32 oz. bottle of Zoltar™ - New Year Shine been shipped to me yet? I could use a little shining up.

My tree is coming down tomorrow. That is enough of that, {swipes hands together}

OKIE said...

A very Happy New Year to you Mme. It has been a pleasure to read your weekly blogs. Wednesday would not be the same without you.

drewzepmeister said...

Happy New year to you, Madame Z!

SER said...

Happy New Year to you Ma Z. May next year be more splendid then this year.

I also hope your predictions about the Packers is correct and they kick butt!