Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Forming On The Lake!

I will start with Friday night. I was having a bad night trying to sleep. I had a real bad sinus headache and only got a couple hours of sleep. I was suppose to work on Saturday but my with sinus headache it never went away and with the very little sleep I had gotten I didn't want to take the chance driving the car with both things. So Saturday I stayed home and tried to get rid of the headache. It finally went away in the evening. Believe me I tried taking any medicine I could to get rid of the headache.

Then on Sunday I had a short day at work. So Drew had an idea to go out and do something since I was feeling better. I gave him the idea to go and drive around and go to the thrift stores. Yes we did do both things.

The first place we went was by Lake Michigan. The picture you see here is a few blocks away from our place. You can see how the ice is starting to form by the shores. You can also see how the waves are coming in from the winds yesterday.

Then we went downtown by the lake to see if we could see any ducks out there. We did see some Seagulls just laying on the ice. That is in the picture to the right.

I just couldn't believe how the ice was forming downtown already. There was ice up on all the rocks along the lake. Yesterday with the winds the waves came up on the rocks.

We also seen some Seagulls trying to fly into the wind. But they couldn't get anywhere. We tried to get a picture of that but when we would go to snap the picture they went down below the rocks.

Yes we did make it to the thrift stores and he found some more to add to his music collection. I found some books for my daughter and work pants for him and I. 

It was just nice getting out of the house even with it being windy and cold outside. I do enjoy just going out for a drive and looking around. I don't like the cold but as long as it is nice and warm in the car I will go. I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend I did at least on Sunday.


hale-bopp said...

Thanks. Always good to see pics from up there. Glad I am not there right now!

OKIE said...

At 63 degrees outside I'm glad I'm here. BUT, A Big Thanks to THB
for posting.
I miss my lake. Even when she looks like this.

kkdither said...

Nice blog, very nice pix! Thanks! I love the lake. That is the one thing I would surely miss if I were to move away.

OrbsCorbs said...

Nice pics, THB. We've been above freezing during daylight for the last few days.

I haven't hit the thrift stores in awhile. I'll have to soon because I need jeans.