Monday, May 14, 2012

"Property Assessments for City of Racine Elected Officials"

From TSE:
"Property  Assessments for City of Racine Elected Officials – Compiled from Open Records"

"OFFICE  HELD                   NAME                               ADDRESS               CURRENT ASSESSMENT"

"Mayor                                   John Dickert                       151 Westminister Sq.                     $179,000
City Administrator          Tom Friedel                       1904 Dwight Ave.                             $111,000
1st.  District                         O.Keith Fair                        509 6th. St                                             $173,000
2nd. District                         Krystyna Sarrazin             1753 College Ave.                            $260,000
3rd. District                          Michael  D. Shields         1850 13th. St                                        $89,000
4th. District                          Jim Kaplan                          400 Kewaunee St.                            $145,000
5th. District                          Melissa A. Becker            2050 LaSalle St.                                 $126,000
6th. District                          Sandy Weidner                 2310 Thor Ave.                                  $130,000
7th. District                          Raymond Dehahn            2706 Diane Ave.                               $97,000
8th. District                          Q.A. Shakoor                     1516 West 6th.St                                $115,000
9th. District                          Terrence McCarthy         317 West Blvd.                                  $189,000
10th. District                        Dennis Wiser                     2517 Pinehurst Ave.                       $102,000
11th. District                        Gregory T. Helding          2001 Thurston Ave.                         $92,000
12th. District                        Aron Wisneski                  1025 Arthur Ave.                              $140,000
13th. District                        Jim Morgenroth                 1500 Monroe Ave.                           $116,000
14th. District                        Ronald D. Hart                   4420 Republic Ave.                         $101,000
15th. District                        Robert Mozol                    407 Johnathon Dr.                           $165,000"


SER said...

My house assememt dropped $12,000 in 2 years, $6,000 each year.

How come my taxes only dropped around $100.00

RWWackoStu said...

A drop in assessment is not really a good thing, because even though the cost of your taxes went down, the price of operating a municipality stays the same (Unless your in Racine, then they go up because of the Mayor, etc) so the mil rate has to increase just to maintain the same level of services as the previous year, or cuts in services have to be made.

Toad said...

I'll bet all of these people wish they could get this kind of money for their homes. Hee, Hee.

SER said...

Somewhere around 10 to 15 years ago a couple bought a lot in Boston to build their dream home on. In less then a year the property value drop dramatically and their where stuck with a lot worth only a 1/3 of what they paid for it and they had to pay the original purchase cost! There was nothing they could do except let it go and lose the money they had invested into it.