Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring In Wisconsin Wildflowers 2!

Yes I have found the names of some more wildflowers to share with all of you. The pictures of the wildflowers are all from Colonial Park in Racine Wisconsin. I could not believe how many wildflowers we found out in one park.

This is a Bulbous Buttercup. This is really pretty and if you look there is a bulb for one more to bloom.

This is a Jack-In-The-Pulp-It. The come in purple or white flowers. Since I have taken this picture I see them all over now.

This is a Lily of the Valley. I really like this flower because it is very different and very pretty.

This is a Little Sweet Betsy Toadshape Trillium. This is really different and very hard to find the name of this flower.

This is a Robin's Plantain. Yes is some ways it does look like a daisy and also pretty.

This is a Sharp Lobed Hepatica. This flower was really hiding and I almost missed it in between bushes.

This is a Small Red Morning Glory Redstar Starflower. Yes a long name for this one. It is also a vine that is growing on a bush. This was at the beginning of the park and I seen it as we came into to the park. I had to have this picture.

This is Wild Rhubarb. I could not believe I seen this in the park and so much of it. I do have a picture of just a leaf and I think some of the leaves are about two feet long.

I know there are a lot of pictures but I just wanted  to share them all with you. I hope you enjoy the pictures just as much as I am enjoying going and taking them. You are more than welcome to leave any comments!♥


jedwis said...

Thanks THB, I see these flowers all the time, but never knew what the hell they were called.

kkdither said...

Very nice pictures, THB! You might be mistaken on the picture you identified as jack in the pulpit? It could be wild phlox or purple periwinkle? Here is a link to jack in the pulpits, as I have always know them. They have these all over Sander's Park.

Sassa said...

I like the lily of the valley best because I know the song!!!

Tender Heart Bear said...

Thank you for your comments.

I am sorry but I did put the wrong name for the jack in the pulpits. If you would like to see the site that I had gotten the name from here it is Wildflower site.

After further search I did find the correct name of the flower. It is a dame's rocket flower The site I found it .

OrbsCorbs said...

Very nice pics and flowers, THB. There are millions of flowers throughout the world.