Saturday, January 19, 2019

China FIRST! Mount Pleasant and Racine NEXT

China's eerie ghost cities a 'symptom' of the country's economic 
troubles and housing bubble. 
Fancy villas, high-rise apartment blocks, lakes, parks and sprawling 
road networks: Ghost cities in China have it all. Just one crucial 
element is missing — the people. 
Key points: 
    There may be as many as 64 million empty apartments in China 
    Many people buy the properties as an investment with no intention 
of ever moving in 
    Author says ghost cities show growth is driven by debt in China 
Built for a population that never came, about 50 of these surreal 
sites lay desolate across the country. But still the construction 
These new cities are usually built in rural areas on the outskirts of 
existing cities. 
Designed for populations numbering in the hundreds of thousands, the 
mass construction projects can include towering high-rise 
condominiums, huge shopping centres, city squares, street lights and 
replicas of cities in Europe and elsewhere. 

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