Sunday, September 1, 2019

As an Ohio newspaper dies, it's clear subscribers must preserve reporting essential to our democracy

From JSOnline:

A screenshot of the Youngstown Vindicator website. The newspaper published its final edition today. (Photo: Journal Sentinel)

Since the opening words of our republic were declared, in a shout heard round the world, newspapers have held the powerful accountable in every city, county, colony and state.

Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, marks the end of this era in a city of 65,000, a metropolitan area of more than half a million, the seat of Mahoning County, Ohio.

The Vindicator of Youngstown is finished.
“Democracy, as we know it, is about to die in Youngstown,” Joel Kaplan, of Syracuse University’s School of Journalism, told Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post media columnist and former Buffalo News editor.

"No one in that community will be covering, on a regular basis, school board meetings, city council meetings, the cops and the courts,” Kaplan said.

So now it's our job to save enterprises that can't save themselves?

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