Saturday, March 7, 2020

50 Years of NASASCAM

This web page is dedicated to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, NASA Historian Erik Conway, and the few remaining Apollo astronauts, who make themselves a worldwide laughing stock with their claim of landing on the Moon.
If the Internet, and e-mail were around in 1968, I would have been glad to have a serious open debate with "Apollo believers" on whether the Moon missions were for real or not. However, it is not 1968, but 2020 and, as such, the authenticity of the Apollo Moon missions can no longer be debated. Neither does it fall into a "conspiracy theory" as the facts are well known. Conspiracy theories question what really took place, however it has been a well proven fact since the mid 80's, that the Apollo Moon missions were faked by NASA for propaganda purpose.
Although it's common knowledge throughout the world that the Apollo Moon missions were faked by NASA back in the 60's, many gullible people still accept NASA's claim of sending men to the Moon, without bothering to carry out any research, or investigation, to see if NASA are indeed telling the truth. There are those who will never accept the Moon missions were faked, regardless of how much factual evidence of a fake is put before them, I refer to those people as PAN's which stands for Pro Apollo Nutters.
Those who will not accept that Apollo was a fake, have been brain washed into believing over 50 years of lies from NASA such that they become brain damaged, and lose touch with reality. We've all come across them from time to time as they re-iterate their ridiculous statements like, "I can see the flag through my telescope", or "I saw the rocket lift off, and the TV pictures, so it must have happened". They also make stupid remarks like "What about the Moon rock brought back by the Apollo astronauts?". How do we know its Moon rock?  It's only NASA's word, and if it is, then it was brought back by scoop and return probe.
If you are one who likes living in a fantasy world, there is no hope. However if you are one of those who has serious doubt about the Apollo Moon landings ever happening, then this site is for you.
The comical aspect about NASA's 50 year Moon hoax, (Apollo 8), is how it's making a worldwide laughing stock of NASA, and the astronauts who claim to have traveled to the Moon. The most damning aspect however, is that NASA's Moon landing scam is confusing the younger generation, by giving them a disorientated view of current space travel and technology. For example, many youngsters who saw the shuttle lift off from launch pad assumed it was going to the Moon. They could not understand why it was only going 200 miles into low Earth orbit, when NASA supposedly made 9 manned journeys to the Moon, (each mission being a return trip of over 500,000 miles), during a 3 year period which began over 50 years ago. Yes NASA made trips to the Moon look like a 10 minute bus ride to the local shops, and most, but not all, people fell for it hook, line and sinker.

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