Thursday, June 17, 2021

Australia: Private All Men’s Organization Votes to Continue Not Allowing Women to Join


It is now an international scandal if a small private club in Australia refuses to allow women to join.

The Guardian:

Members of an elite all-male “gentlemen’s club” in Sydney have voted against allowing women to join their ranks.

The Australian Club said on Tuesday that a “record turnout” of members at the special general meeting voted on the resolution, which would have amended the club’s constitution to allow female members.

“The meeting determined that the 75% threshold to pass the resolution was not met,” the club said in a statement.

The Macquarie Street club’s members include former Liberal prime ministers John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull. Both declined to comment on the outcome of the vote.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 693 member votes were cast with 62% against allowing women members, 37% in favour and 1% abstaining. There had been a campaign over several years for an amendment to the constitution.

Women are allowed to attend the club as guests. It was founded in 1838.

The Labor MP Andrew Leigh criticised the vote, which came after the club received more than $2m in jobkeeper payments that it decided not to repay despite doubling its surplus.

According to its website, “tradition and modernity have been skilfully blended” at the club, which provides “excellent dining facilities, en-suite bedrooms and apartments, a fully equipped gym [and] … first-rate business facilities”.

It is one of several Australian clubs that still prevent women from becoming members including the Melbourne Savage Club.

They are eventually going to make this illegal.

The reason this is international news is that women are propelling it into the international news cycle so that they can stir up widespread outrage and try to force their way into the club. Once they are in, they will proceed to destroy it.

Women are like cockroaches. They just crawl in everywhere, and try to get involved in anything. They get involved in things that they have zero interest in, simply to cause drama and make themselves the center of attention.

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