Monday, January 3, 2022

Milwaukee Acting Mayor Johnson COVID positive

From Fox6Now:

Milwaukee Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson announced Sunday, Jan. 2 he has tested positive for COVID-19. The acting mayor, who is vaccinated, said he's experiencing "very mild" symptoms.

Cavalier Johnson

Johnson released the following statement:

"As part of my routine of regular COVID testing, I received a positive result today from an at-home test.  I am feeling fine, and the symptoms I have experienced are very mild. Others in my family have tested negative.

"As I have shared previously, I am vaccinated and boosted.  Routinely, I have worn a mask in public settings.

"I will closely follow the precautions public health experts recommend for people who have tested positive.

"I will continue to carry out all my mayoral duties from my home."

In a Zoom interview with the media Sunday evening, Johnson said he's been testing regularly and is grateful his symptoms are mild. He's using his diagnosis to encourage others to get vaccinated. It comes after the acting mayor spent much of the last week touring different parts of the city, including COVID-19 testing sites.

"This is something that's spreading very fast throughout the community, indeed, throughout the state and throughout the country, as well, and I'm no exception," said Johnson. 

Johnson said he first felt a symptom Friday after collecting signatures. He said he's hopeful the defense from his vaccines will push others to get their shots.

"This could be a lot worse," said Johnson. "It could be a ton worse, you know? I could be hospitalized, potentially, as many people have been."

Johnson said he will be fully capable of upholding his mayoral duties from home.


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