Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my magnificent mums! How are you? Well this certainly appears to be one of the dreariest weeks we’ve had in a long time. Occasional spots of sunlight appear here and there, but mostly it is rain, rain, and, then, rain. Believe it or not, I still have some rather large green tomatoes on my plants just waiting for a few days of sunshine to ripen them up. What are the chances? Even a professional prognosticator like me won’t lay odds against Mother Nature. I’ll probably end up putting the tomatoes in paper bags on the closet floor in an effort to coax them to ripeness. Mother Nature can be a real “mother” sometimes.

Who is the mother of all teams in the NFL? The Green Bay Packers, of course! Our glorious gladiators slaughtered the Chicago Bears last Sunday. Next, the powerful Packers meet the Denver Broncos this coming Sunday, October 2, at 3:15 PM, in Lambeau Field. Ride those broncos till they drop, boys! I predict another Green Bay win, another step towards repeating our Super Bowl performance of last year. Hey, hey, Pack, break their backs! Oh my.

This weekend is also when the mother of all Racine festivals occurs: Party on the Pavement! Huzzah! Huzzah! Yahoo! Yahoo! It is this Saturday, October 1, noon to 7 PM, in Downtown Racine. I saw a large ad for POP in the weekend’s print version of the Journal Times, but nothing online yet. Here is DRC’s webpage on it: [Edited - I found this later:] As you will notice on the maps for the event when you see them, neither I nor Senor Zanza have booths in the event. [Edited -] Why? The usual prejudice against me and “my kind,” I suppose, or perhaps it is our association with the JT Irregulars. In any case, I hope that Party on the Pavement is a grand success this year. Remember the Ferris wheel accident last year? Oh my! We are so lucky to have the firefighters and emergency personnel that we do in Racine. Bless you all. I hope that Mother Nature cooperates and gives us a beautiful day to celebrate in Downtown Racine. As Mr. OrbsCorbs would say, “Party on!”

Below, my dears, is an example of what power the mind can hold over physical objects:

That was just three, young, untrained minds urging on a paper airplane. What would happen if, say, thousands of terrorists were trained to concentrate their minds on bringing down a commercial airliner? Oh dear! Has Homeland Security considered that scenario, or am I the only one protecting us from the mind control efforts of our enemies? Perhaps I should sell tinfoil hats at Party on the Pavement.

[Confidential to “Worn Out in Racine:” That’s what you get for robbing the cradle. Humph! I hope it turns black and blue.]

Thank you my dear, dear Irregulars and my dear, dear regulars. And thank you my dear, dear visitors, too. I love all of you. It is a joy to share my blog with you, and an honor. I hope that enjoy yourselves here and I hope that you will return next week.

Want to know where your “get up and go” got up and went to? Ask me:

Don’t forget your umbrellas, my dears. And your raincoats and galoshes. And, yes, that means the guys, too. Warm up over a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee or whatever gets your boiler stoked. This is good weather for sweaters. Obstrobogulous!


SER said...

My darn matoes are the same way, all green....gezzzzz.

Why Not? said...

sounds like I returned to Sweden just in time.. I have to say the weather all summer was a dream.. I returned here to a bit of an Indian summer (well except for today). I'm hoping the weather holds out over here for another 1½ weeks so we can have Mina's birthday party outside, cannot imagine where we are going to have room for a bunch of children 5 and under in our little apartment, would like to have them outside as much as possible.

jedwis said...

Good luck Why Not...have alot of adult beverages available, for the adults of course.

Mme Z...obstrobogulous is not a word. I'll bet you a vodka & lemon on this one.

kkdither said...

I broke down and turned on the furnace. I felt it was necessary to check to make sure it worked for when the temp really dipped... if it weren't for hot flashes, I'd be shivering.... ;>

Jed, Madame can toss back the margaritas. She took me out on the town one evening. We were both soaring, and I don't think it had anything to do with her powers or teleportation.

kkdither said...

Jed, I'll take that vodka and lemon, even though it is my turn to buy a round :)

jedwis said...

OK KK & Mme Z you win, it is a word, but is it bad when you need someone to explain what the definition means?
Blankets,sweaters, socks, etc work... or do the eskimo thingy,lol, or just call a maintenance company to give it the once over.
No KK , I'm buying all night, I would even request really good lemons for you. Not that that matters.(Seiny reference) lol

OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you, Mme. Z, for your weekly blog. Can the power of suggestion heat things up in my apartment? Unlike kk, I don't have the option to turn on the heat - I have to wait till the landlord fires up the boiler. Meanwhile, everyone is heating their apartments with their ovens. Unfortunately, I don't sleep in the kitchen.

Last year I ripened some green tomatoes by putting them in paper bags and putting them on the closet floor (someplace cool). It took a week or longer, and they turned deep orange rather than red, but they were delicious.

Anonymous said...

I read a print version of the Journal Times today and saw an ad with a website for Party on the Pavement:

Mr. jedwis, Ms. kk is no slouch at consuming cocktails, either. Thank goodness I always have some of my "day after" pills available - for the hangover after a night on the town.

Thank you for the tip on the green tomatoes, Mr. OrbsCorbs. Perhaps what you need to keep you warm is some female companionship. ;-)