Saturday, September 10, 2011

Late Night Police Scanner

I haven't listened to the police scanner much lately. I dunno. I think the volume changes and radio squelching irritate me. Anyway, I was listening last night (this morning) between 1 and 2 AM. Wow, the police were kept very busy. If I think of it later on, I may listen again tonight. Saturday night should be even worse than Friday. Sometimes it's good to get a reminder of what is happening out there.

The JT Irregulars has a link to an online police scanner on the sidebar, as does Racine Uncovered, Or, you can just click here:

Racine Uncovered also has a story up on donating to the Racine Police Department for another K9 unit:


kkdither said...

I get very stressed out listening to the scanner. It is an eye opener, for sure. Even though it makes me tense, it is hard to turn it off.

It can be easy to get angry with how police treat people sometimes; however, when you hear the difficult situations they deal with, the craziness, the danger, you become thankful they are there and wonder how they do it every day.

Cindy said...

I have my scanner going 24/7. There are times I turn it out and other times I am drawn into what is happening. The fight on Barker the other night was one that made my blood run cold and my heart was in my throat till it settled down. I will remember that officers voice asking for help. I often hear how far behind they are when the town is going crazy. Hats off to our police and the garbage they deal with every day. When Dickert says crime is down he has no perception of what happens in Racine on a daily basis. It has become a cesspool here and I don't see our current government doing anything to help

OrbsCorbs said...

I would never be able to deal with what our police officers deal with. Unfortunately, I see no hope of stopping crime's takeover of Racine. Our mayor literally cooperates with the criminals by denying their existence. He worries about perceptions rather than reality. I guess if one is personally immune to crime, then who gives a damn about anyone else?

Toad said...

Orb's, Back In about 1974 I had my scanner In my car. After leaving my bartending job, I lived on W. 6th St. at the time, and heard a chase that was headed toward the Case Office on State St. and decided to drive that way. WELL, not such a good idea. I got stuck right In the middle of It at State St. and Douglas. The guy went from Douglas to State going West, and lost It. Went up a hill, back down, across the street, and into the case building wall. He was followed by about 15 squad cars from all directions, and I had no way out. I never did that again.