Sunday, February 19, 2012

Journal Times Policy For Sale

You cannot comment on a story that the Journal Times posts on Curt Johnson and his child molestation case. The Journal Times lie for this is that the case involves a minor and the case is still in court. Of course, that never stopped the Journal Times from allowing commenters to destroy the reputation of other accused molesters in Racine, just Curt Johnson.

Fine, that's their "new" policy. Then today, I see an editorial on the 15 year old girl in Madison who was allegedly starved and sexually assaulted for years. This case involves a minor and has not even begun, but the Journal Time sees fit to run an editorial on it, and allow comments:

You hypocritical pigs! Where was the "safety net" for the girl in the Johnson case, asswipes? How do you even dare to print a newspaper? You are sick sons of bitches, protecting the perverts that you see fit. Fuck you, Journal Times. And fuck the pedophiles that you support, especially the ones in your employ and the ones you protect in city and county government.

I know that some of you belong to the "special club" in Racine for bigshot movers and shakers with a hankering for young meat, but I didn't realize that they control the paper, like they do the courts in Racine.  What a twisted, sick city.


SER said...

Dear Mr. Orbs,

I do agree with much of what you have posted. I believe NOTHING should be printed involving minors UNTIL there is a verdict from the court stating innocent or guilty.

Its nuts that the media gets the public all “pumped up” about a case such as the Johnson case then as you state don’t really tell anything, so why print it in the first place.

You read Mr. Asswipe was found guilty of a 2008 killing, 4 years ago, so why can’t they wait until everything is settled in all cases involving minors.


kkdither said...

I happened to see a portion of Channel 58 news last night. They were outside the house in Milwaukee where a young man was shot during a house party. The police tape was still surrounding the area. The police were still investigating and looking for the possible offender. They were interviewing the young man's friends who were at the party. The camera zoomed into the sidewalk where you could tell there was blood and possible bits of human remains. The news reporter was asking questions that I felt could certainly compromise the investigation.

No morals: "Is the head dead yet?" "Tell us in your own words, and can you let loose a tear for the camera?" "How did it feel?"

We live in a sick society. Nothing new there. There are people willing to do nasty, sick, vile things to others. The news coverage is equally disgusting... anything to make a buck. Anything to promote an individual goal, be it career, political, or corporate - financial.

We are fed inconsistent reports of what the "real" news is. In truth, there is sometimes little difference to what occurs to that which we disdain from communist countries.

OrbsCorbs said...

Well, it's why we left the Journal Times in the first place: censorship and inconsistent application of the "rules," which were and are made up and changed at the whim of the powers that be.

It's the typical, lying grandstanding that the Journal Times does so well: getting all indignant and harrumphing over some sick shit that happened elsewhere while ignoring the sick shit that happens in their backyard.

kkdither said...

They are not Racine. They are not us. Thank goodness.

Keep putting it out there.... they read us, they steal from us, they will hear, but they have no soul, so there will be no change.

Anonymous said...

Everything you didn't want to know.

legal stranger said...

Yes, you are correct kkdither, they have no soul and no sense of fairness. and yes orbs, they do not wish to print the known criminals in the Racine County criminal justice system. I will do what I can to help expose the injustices of our County to help make this County better place to live in......

Anonymous said...

Orbs-Your point is valid but when I started reading this with all the swearing it looked like I was at the Root River Siren's website. Keep fighting the good fight.

hale-bopp said...

Sometimes I wonder if they realize the people are allowed to read more than one page of the site?