Friday, May 4, 2012

Herb Kohl wants a new arena for HIS Milwaukee Bucks.

We are already paying for a stadium in Milwaukee I personally don’t want to pay for and we’ll be paying forever on that one

Miller Park does nothing for me. Politicians said it will bring money into our community; ya right, as of today none of them can show or prove how much money has been spent in Racine because of it. It’s impossible to track; it just sounded good when they wanted the money.

Granted it’s not a huge amount, 0.1% but it will never go away, and I believe if we have to chip in for an arena that increase will never go away.

Let the players pay for it, they make millions of dollars!

LET THEM MOVE TO ANOTHER CITY! Somewhere way out of Wisconsin.

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Toad said...

First of all I will admit I HATE Professional Basketball, and LAUGH at the Milwaukee Bucks. First of all their name SUCKS, as well as their play. They would be a GREAT team In DULUTH Minnesota.

TSE said...

The great DEMOCRATIC City of Milwaukee ONCE AGAIN comes to the citizens of Southeast Wisconsin asking for a HAND-OUT to subsidize million$$$+ Basket Ball Players!

AND this - coming from the Dairy Queen himself - who loves seeing all those Young, Hot, Tight, Swinging BUCKS in the Locker Room, after the game!

GTFO Milwaukee, Herb "Dairy Queen" Kohl, and Milwaukee Bucks!

Imagine The Dairy Queen in DRAG!

SER said...

Toad...I was thinking more like Deadwood,South Dakota,

SER said...

Ohhhh, they could go to Fargo, North Dakota and the people could say, "Come see dem dar Bucks"

OKIE said...

I think it sucks. That being said I have to say the OKC Thunder are one game away from defeating the Mavericks in the playoffs. Go Thunder.
Okay I'm done now.

OrbsCorbs said...

As long as Milwaukee pays for it, I don't give a damn. If they want us to kick in like Miller Park, then I give a damn.

SER said...

I know this may sound crazy but it’s not about the money it’s the principle. Why in the hell should I give Kohl money to build an arena; he OWNS a basketball team; I don’t even own a basketball!

I would rather the o.1% money be taken the away from Miller Park and have it go to the kids of Racine in projects like that of the newly refurbished water fountain by the lake!

There is a skate board/bike ramp thing down by the lake also. Not all kids in Racine are into that so what it left for Racine’s teenagers not a damn thing.

Parents sign their children up to play soccer, football, basketball, but here is a once a week thing, except for practice days.

In short there is nowhere for the kids to go and hangout. The mall?????

Okay, I’m an old fart but back in the day we had, I can’t remember how many dance joints Racine had, The Blue Goose, Nitty Gritty, Ivanhoe’s, The Sound and I know there was more.

Hell we even had Go-Go joints for the adults, but the city had to be cleaned we ended up with a pervert mayor.

Okay I’ll quit....grrrrrrrr.

OKIE said...

OMG SER, talking about taking a person back. I remember those places. But you are right, there isn't a whole lot to do.

kkdither said...

Taxation without representation: A situation in which a government imposes taxes on a particular group of its citizens, despite the citizens not consenting or having an actual representative deliver their views when the taxation decision was made.

TSE said...

What was even worse! George Petak was taxation WITH representation.

The big Shots get what they want - and don't care about your views - they know better!

IF we had taxation with representation, then all those who DIDN't vote for Dickert shouldn't have to pay his property tax increases!

AND, I know it's a sensitive button, but there is no one on the RUSD school board that represents me and my views because my chosen candidates lost.

drewzepmeister said...

Ok, first question, what is wrong with the Bradley Center? Is it too small of a venue for the Bucks? Is it getting too old and deteriorating? Tender Heart was in there last year and she the place looks fine.

It seems to me a some sort of a political "scam" to line someome's pocket.

OrbsCorbs said...

"New is better than old." That's what one of my mechanics said to me when I asked him why a customer's car needed a ball joint.

SER said...


Source JSOline:

Kohl said the franchise was working on plans for a new facility to replace the aging Bradley Center, though he added that no site is under discussion. "We are actively working on it, and we'll get it in high gear, I hope soon, on trying to accomplish our goal," he said.

Kohl, the Bucks' owner since 1985, said he could not speculate on the method of financing an arena to replace the Bradley Center, opened in 1988 and now considered one of the oldest facilities in the National Basketball Association. But he said it probably would be a combination of public and private funds.

kkdither said...

Kohl is a businessman. He is also an opportunist, which usually makes for a successful businessman. He is playing his hand close to the chest... hoping that someone else will fund this project. ie: corporate interest naming rights and you and I.

A little history on this man, the former owner of Kohl's Supermarkets... When Reagan put the kibosh on the unions through the lockout and firing of the air traffic controllers, Kohl took the cue and transformed moderate living-wage retail jobs into a thing of the past. His long term, honest, hard working, ready-to-retire people found their wages to be almost cut in half. He benefited greatly from that; in fact, his material worth soared.

He smiles for the camera, like all politicians and says what sounds politically viable, when his hand is getting ready to empty out a wallet. I don't trust him at all.

legal stranger said...

What ever happened to root,root, root for your home team ? Nothing but a bunch of parasites these days.
Remember the "Tommy Tax" Tommy Thompson's stick it to 'em stadium tax we pay so the millionaires can play ball. Talking about this accomplishes nothing. I say let's pick a day to protest at city hall with signs and menu boards.

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO NO NO NO.............If he needs a new home ,he can pay for it......My local state assembly person said she had a majority saying yes to the brewers baseball stadium, problem they never came to my house and I have been here since 1978 to ask not want to get into that baloney again.I have never been to the baseball stadium and probably never will. Still paying the tax for the Brewers. If people who go to games want a new stadium include the cost in the ticket price.