Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Racine alderman attempts 200 mile journey within city limits to support Black Lives Matter movement

From The Journal

Rachel Kubik

RACINE — Amid numerous recent protests and rallies, a member of the Racine City Council is attempting to show his support for Black Lives Matter in a different way — trekking a 200 mile course throughout every neighborhood in Racine.
District 14 Alderman Jason Meekma is striving to address racial and social injustice issues through policy and advocacy.
He also is executive director of Focus on Community, a substance abuse prevention agency located at 510 College Ave. Gina Wisialowski, Focus On Community office manager, said one of the organization’s main objectives is to unite the community, so Meekma doing this run fit well with the mission.
A self-serving stunt that does absolutely NOTHING to better race relations, but it gets Meekma free publicity.  How sad . . .

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