Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Japan’s Struggle Against Anal-Feminism Shows That Sino-Friendship is the Only Pathway to Freedom


The nips are getting harassed by international globalists demanding they start promoting feminism. Everyone in Nippon (and the rest of Asia) is confused about what feminism is and what its supposed goals are.

Remember: Asians are all basically autistic in that they do not grasp political correctness or subtlety in general.

Nips also don’t really get the concept that this is about purposefully destroying society, because I think it’s beyond their capacity to understand that anyone would want to do that. If they did understand that, they would probably not still be allied with the United States.

They appear to think that this is about being nice to women and making women more comfortable.

So you got period badges.

Japan: Department Store Under Fire for Offering Women Badges to Wear Denoting That They’re Menstruating

That was actually a sweet thing that touched my cold misogynist heart. Period badges could legitimately have helped make women’s lives more comfortable. But that obviously isn’t the point of the feminist agenda. Talking about menstruation at all, other than as some kind of magical power, is viewed as bad as it points to the fact that women are so much weaker than men biologically.

The basic message from the globalist organizations to Japan is: “punish men for something relating to women and sex.

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