Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Caledonia Police Department buys woman AC unit after she was the victim of a scam

From left, Detective Chad Zoltak, Officer Kiara Riser, Officer Sam Wolfe, Officer Myles Barry, the Caledonia resident and Lt. Gary Larsen pose for a photo Friday after the CPD presented the resident with an AC unit after she was the victim of a fraud. The resident did not wish to be identified.

CALEDONIA — While police officers are typically best known for enforcing the law, arresting criminals, and detecting and preventing crimes, they typically aren’t known for making up for damage as a result of crime.

The Caledonia Police Department helped a woman in need last week by providing something she needed and was going to buy anyway — but she didn’t have the necessary funds for after she was the victim of a scam.

Caledonia Police Officer Myles Barry responded to a fraud complaint call from a Caledonia resident Thursday. The woman was a victim of a telephone scam, according to information from Lt. Gary Larsen, public information officer with the Caledonia Police Department.

Barry visited the woman’s residence located in the Crestview subdivision and noticed it was extremely hot. The woman said some of the money she lost due to the fraud was going to be for a new air conditioning unit.

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