Saturday, November 2, 2013

More Comet ISON and Lovejoy Pics

The Moon is out of the way so I set out to Saguaro National Park East this morning to capture some more comet pics. When I got there, I found I had some company as another local amateur astronomer was taking comet pics. He has a C-8 and a DSLR (didn't catch the model) set up so he had a bit fancier setup than mine.

Again, these are all taken with a Canon 60D and a EF-s 55-250mmm zoom lens on an iOptron SkyTracker, no telescope involved.

First is a full frame shot of Comet ISON.
Next, I cropped this shot to focus more on the comet.


Next I switched to Comet Lovejoy, higher in the sky. The sky was starting to get a little bright giving a blue tint (I don't try to correct it all the way...I kind of like it)

I also got a wider shot of Comet Lovejoy that shows the Beehive Cluster in the upper left of the shot.


I will keep posting pics as I get them. I won't be able to get up that early every day, but hopefully a couple of times a week at least so I can chart their progress, especially ISON as it dives toward its close encounter with the Sun later this month.

Reprinted with permission from the Half-Astrophysicist Blog.


OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you, hale, for keeping your eyes on the sky for the JTI.

Because of my visual impairment, I miss most of this stuff live.

legal stranger said...

Away from the city lights, the night skys glisten with sparking diamonds.
thanks HaleBop