Thursday, August 6, 2020

Milwaukee Police Department says directives FPC gave Chief Morales are unclear, full of errors and may be illegal

From JSOnline:

Gina BartonElliot Hughes
Milwaukee Journal Sentine

Less than 24 hours before a scheduled vote to consider firing or disciplining Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales, his department released a report accusing the Fire and Police Commission of breaking the law and lying when it ordered him to fulfill seven pages' worth of directives two weeks ago.
"The directives are replete with factual errors, unclear requirements, very serious legal issues and a lack of due diligence," the report says.
What's more, the tight deadlines imposed by the commission to meet the directives — which include producing potentially thousands of pages of documents and hundreds of hours of videos — have distracted the Police Department from fighting crime and from preparing for the Democratic National Convention, set to occur in Milwaukee in two weeks, the report says.

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