Thursday, August 6, 2020

Zoo beach trail severely eroding; City and FEMA working on restoration details

From The Journal

Christina Lieffring

RACINE — With historic high water levels, erosion has continued to eat away the shoreline of Lake Michigan.
Its latest victim is the bluff near Zoo Beach where there is a walking path just east of the Racine Zoo, overlooking the lake.
After the heavy rainstorm on Sunday, Robert O’Brien noticed on his Monday run that the bluff between Zoo Beach path and Lake Michigan was severely eroded.
By Tuesday afternoon, when he visited again, it was practically gone. Even more concerning, the ground under the path was exposed.
The Racine Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services had the pathway partially blocked. Tom Molbeck, director of Parks, Recreation and Services, said he and his staff would make a decision on whether or not to completely close it by this morning.
Path restoration is included in the scope of one of the projects the city is planning with help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in response to the damage caused by a storm on Jan. 10-12. The erosion along Zoo Beach, according to Molbeck, was due to a combination of storms the city has experienced since January

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