Thursday, August 6, 2020

UPDATE: COVID case count now at 16 in western Racine County nursing home for veterans

From The Journal

Adam Rogan

DOVER — For months, state-run veterans homes have fought to keep coronavirus away from their vulnerable patients. Now, five months after new protocols were put in place, veterans at a Racine County nursing home have fallen sick with the coronavirus.
Sixteen cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at Union Grove, which includes a 24-hour skilled nursing facility for veterans and their families at 21425 Spring St. in the Town of Dover, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs reported Wednesday.
The first two cases, both of veterans living in the home, were confirmed earlier this week and announced Tuesday. After those two residents, both of whom reportedly were experiencing COVID-like symptoms, tested positive, two staff members and a contracted medical professional also found out they had contracted the novel coronavirus. By Wednesday, everyone in the facility was being tested, leading to the discovery of 10 new cases among residents (bringing the total of residents sick with the coronavirus to 12) and a third staff member testing positive.
Nursing homes and similar long-term care facilities have been considered to be in particular danger of COVID-19 outbreaks, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has noted, because of the continuous close proximity of many people (staff and residents) and the elevated health risks faced by residents who tend to be older and in poorer health than the general public, and thus are more likely to die if they contract the novel coronavirus.

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