Tuesday, January 12, 2021

WATCH NOW: Rally calls for officer's firing; Blake family scheduled to meet with Biden on police reforms


Family and friends of Jacob Blake, along with other local activists marched on City Hall Monday night demanding the termination of the officer who shot Blake multiple times, and who the Kenosha County District Attorney declined to criminally prosecute a week ago.

Erica Ness, Leaders of Kenosha’s director of community engagement, said the organization and Blake’s family would continue to demand justice for Blake despite the decision. During a press conference held outside the city Municipal Building, 625 52nd St, they called for Officer Rusten Sheskey to be fired from the Kenosha Police Department.

“We’re here to let the mayor know and to let the Kenosha Police and Fire Commission know that Kenosha’s not safe with Rusten Sheskey continuing to be on the police department,” she said. “And, in addition to long-term reform, so we do not have any police officers shooting Black men in the back anymore, we need him gone.”

“We’re not going to stop marching until we make sure Kenosha is safe and protected by the police officers, instead of (people) fearing for their lives,” she said.

Read and see more: https://www.kenoshanews.com/news/local/watch-now-rally-calls-for-officers-firing-blake-family-scheduled-to-meet-with-biden-on/article_ee496fc9-8d76-5f3d-b3cd-f2de95eab261.html

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TSE said...

Only a hateful Bully like Kenosha County DA Michael Graveley would prosecute a teenage Boy who was defending his life. What a scumbag.

Hey Graveley - FUCK YOU! Tell us what you're hiding!

"And so, when you close your doors and create darkness within, remember never to say that you’re on your own, for in fact, you’re not alone, because God is within you, and your guardian spirit too. And what need do they have of light to see what you’re doing"?

- Epictetus