Friday, October 8, 2021

Mount Pleasant couple robbed, suspects posed as We Energies workers

From Fox6Now:

Mount Pleasant police are investigating a robbery near S. Green Bay Road and Larchmont Drive in which the suspects posed as We Energies workers.

A news release says the crime took place on Wednesday evening, Oct. 6. The victims told officers men arrived at their residence in an older white pick-up truck where they posed as We Energies workers. They were wearing work clothes and had COVID-type masks on. The men indicated they were there to check the trees' interference with the power lines. Officials say this was a ruse to lure the couple into the backyard. 

The couple challenged the men as to where their identification badges were showing a face and employment. The suspects were not wearing IDs – and stated they were "subcontractors" with Asplundh. Officials say when the couple was in the backyard with one male, the other was going through their property and stole approximately $400 cash. 

The Mount Pleasant Police Department confirmed no We Energies employees or subcontractors were in the area. 

Officials want to make sure the public is aware of this Incident as this poses a safety concern for residents. The Department wants to remind citizens to ensure to not let anyone into your home who claims to be from a business without proper identification. 

If there are any questions or suspicions, officials recommend that people reach out to the business the persons claim to be associated with or contact the police for an officer to respond. 


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