Friday, October 8, 2021

Students demand Racine Lutheran HS address racist incidents, make school more inclusive

From TMJ4:

"They've been subjected to hate, discrimination"

Posted at 6:01 PM, Oct 07, 2021
and last updated 6:01 PM, Oct 07, 2021

RACINE — Black and Latino students say they've been harassed, dehumanized, and met with hate at Racine Lutheran High School. And now they're saying enough is enough.

"We are going to be here until this gets straightened out, and we're not going anywhere," said Forward Latino National President, Darryl Morin.

A call for action has been made at Racine Lutheran High School. Students are demanding that administrators acknowledge and address incidents that they feel have been targeted towards certain groups.

"A swastika was etched into a door there yesterday," said Morin.

Poster image - 2021-10-07T175641.564.jpg
A photo of one of the incidents.

"People call me African or say African sounds as I walk into a room," said senior, Lenya Cadd.

Students at Racine Lutheran say they've been dealing with incidents like these for years.

They allege that classmates have been seen wearing t-shirts with the words 'Trump's wall' on the front, and they say racial slurs were etched onto bathroom stalls just this past week.

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But when they bring up their concerns, they feel those concerns fall on deaf ears.

"We have been telling the principal and the dean, but they've never really done anything about it," said senior, Serenity Ford.

"We reached out a hand to the school leadership, we tried to work with him collaboratively, only to learn that everything they told us was false," said Morin.

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Which is why on Thursday, community leaders, students, and parents came together to put pressure on the administration to adhere to and implement their solutions to make the school more inclusive.

That includes creating a plan for greater diversity among staff and creating an anti-bias awareness program.

"We will do whatever is necessary to rid our community of these acts of discrimination toward our children," said NAACP Racine Chapter President, Dwight Mosby.

"They've been subjected to hate, discrimination, etc., not just by the students but sometimes by the faculty and administration as well," said Morin.

TMJ4 reached out to Racine Lutheran for comment on these accusations, but has yet to hear back.


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