Friday, November 5, 2021

Testaments and Blood Samples to Establish a “Global DNA Data Bank”?


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Have you ever had to answer the question whether “you have your personal things in order” when entering a hospital? “No”, I guess is the answer for most of us. Well in Switzerland, the epicenter of neoliberalism and the home of the WEF, this question has become a standard feature in Swiss Hospital Admission forms, since 1 October 2021. Maybe in other countries too? Or is Switzerland a trial balloon for yet another covid atrocity?

To the question, “why” and “what does it mean?” “Does it mean, whether I have made a testament?” I didn’t get a straight answer by the rather flustered and embarrassed receptionist. In a quiet voice she then told me,

“Most people don’t even notice it.”

Yes, that could be expected from a society in denial or suffering from cognitive dissonance. But why the It in the first place?

Is it a clever pre-screening of capital that can be scraped off in the “case of all cases”? Is it the type of info that may eventually find its way onto your all “storage” QR-Code? See this.

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