Saturday, March 16, 2019

Great Mothers of Mayor Cory Mason’s Ratcine #1 in a Series.

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
From the property tax cheating Racine power Couple - The Cory Mason 
tribe - to the lowest of the low: 
Racine woman accused of child neglect; squalid conditions reportedly found: 
RACINE — A Racine woman is facing neglect charges after the children 
in her care were found unkempt in a dirty home without running water 
or heat. 
Kayla A. Olson, of the 2600 block of Coolidge Avenue, is facing four 
felony charges of child neglect. Two of the charges stem from 
neglecting a child under the age of 6. 
According to the criminal complaint: 
On Thursday, officers were dispatched to the 2600 block of Coolidge 
Avenue for a welfare check. When they arrived, Olson met the officers 
in the front yard and told them they could check on the children in 
her care. 
Inside the house, officers reported seeing garbage, raw food and 
clothes on the kitchen floor with the oven open. Olson said the oven 
was open to heat the home. Officers said the home smelled like a 
landfill and they had to repeatedly step outside to get fresh air. 
The kitchen floor was reportedly covered in wood and glass shavings 
and the walls were spattered with food. Olson told police there was no 
running water. 
A 3-year-old child not wearing shoes was covered with dirt up to the 
pants line. The child’s face was covered with food and dirt and the 
child’s hair was dirty. It had been several days since the child had a 
bath, the child said. 
As officers walked further into the home, they smelled a stronger odor 
of raw sewage. So much garbage was in the home that they had a 
difficult time finding a place to walk. In the living room, there were 
no lights and a space heater was blowing hot air. 
A 7-year-old was located sitting on a bed in an upstairs bedroom 
wearing a winter jacket due to the cold. Next to the bed was a bin 
filled with feces and urine. In the bathroom, officers said the 
bathtub was filled with feces and urine. In the basement, there was 
approximately 2 feet of standing water and raw sewage. 
Who holds the highest position? 
Inquiring minds want to know. 
Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

Cory Mason's Ratcine rates less than a 3rd. world shithole.