Thursday, March 14, 2019

Roads across Wisconsin are closed because of high water; MMSD releases sewage into Lake Michigan

From JSOnline:

Rapidly melting snow has led to flooding across areas of Wisconsin, with water over roads and highways and a sewage overflow in areas served by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, officials said.
Portions of a growing number of highways and roads across Wisconsin were closed Thursday because of high water, according to the state Department of Transportation. 
The high water is the result of snow melting so rapidly that the saturated and still frozen ground can't absorb it. 
MMSD said that it started a combined sewer overflow about 5:45 p.m. Thursday. Melting snow taxed the capacity of its two treatment plants for much of the day and filled much of the deep tunnel system.
The overflow means that untreated waste and stormwater is being released into Lake Michigan. 
This is Milwaukee's first overflow of the year, according to spokesman Bill Graffin.

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What good are efforts to keep the lake clean when Milwaukee takes a huge shit in it every time it rains hard?  They should be sued and forced to correct the problem.  Or serve the mayor water with a turd in it.  Maybe he'll get the message then.

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