Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tax Rates in MTP

Dear Village Board,

Recently the Journal Times ran an article titled:

"Mount Pleasant tax rate declines slightly"

This year the assessments came in higher than expected, village officials said.

Michael Bonn, village finance director, said for a home that was
assessed at $220,000, that means its owners will be paying roughly
$1,459, which is $53 more than last year, down from the nearly $90
increase that was originally projected.

ROFLOL! When "More" is "Less". Ya gotta be joking..... right? Oh WAIT!

LOL! What happened to Tea- Tard Village President Davis DeGroot who
promised LOWER taxes, LESS government and RESPECT for property
rights..... WELL....

*Twinkle* *Twinkle* *Little* *Star*

Tyrant Supreme VP David DeGroot demands more revenue to pay for the
larger government he has created, the pay raises he has promised, and
the more land he is going to confiscate - albeit it legally
questionable - for his Foxconn impossible dream.

Why - it is Ginormous!

One thing Taxpayers in MTP can be sure of - Hold firmly to your
ankles when MTP Village President David DeGroot comes around to take a
piece of your Azz. Cause you are about to be *ROCKED*

SO lemme get this strait -

Property values decline - mil rate increases.

Property values increase - mil rate decreases.

But the two opposing sets always act to move in a positive direction -
more for government via taxes - and less for Residents - in disposable

It is our opinion that the Village Board of MTP is made up of mostly
Criminals who are Liars, Cheats, Thieves, Scoundrels and Philanderers.
Did I miss anyone?


Tim & Cindy

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