Thursday, July 23, 2020

Teen girl kills Taliban attackers with dad's AK-47 after parents slain

A teenage girl has become a hero in Afghanistan for fighting off a Taliban attack, killing two militants with the AK-47 her father taught her to use before he was killed by the insurgent group. Now Qamar Gul, who is about 15, has been invited to the presidential palace and has already been lauded by President Ahsraf Ghani for her bravery.
Afghan teenager Qamar Gul poses for a photo with her late father's rifle, which she used to fight off a group of Taliban attackers after they killed her parents in their home in Afghanistan's Ghor province.HANDOUT/MUHAMMAD RAFIQ ALAM

Speaking to CBS News by phone from Afghanistan's western Ghor province, Gul recounted the night last week when the terrorists came to her house in the village of Geriveh and forced their way in.
"It was around 1 a.m. that the Taliban knocked on our door. My mother answered and refused to open the door. They broke our door and dragged my parents into the hallway and killed them both," she told CBS News.
Gul grabbed her father's rifle, which he had taught her to use, and opened fire. Two Taliban insurgents were killed in the shooting and another wounded, according to both Gul and the district governor.
Villagers soon rushed over to and together they forced the Taliban to retreat.
"I am proud I killed my parents' murderers," Gul told the AFP news agency in a separate interview. "I killed them because they killed my parents, and also because I knew they would come for me and my little brother."
"After I killed the two Taliban, I went to talk to my parents, but they were not breathing," she told AFP. "I feel sad I could not talk to them one last time."

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