Monday, August 3, 2020

With appeal pending, RUSD plans to levy for referendum funds

From The Journal

Christina Lieffring

RACINE COUNTY — While an appeal of the Racine Unified recount is pending at the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the Racine Unified School District is planning on moving forward with using funds generated from the referendum, possibly as soon as the coming school year.
RUSD spokeswoman Stacy Tapp said that as the case stands, the district is free to move forward with planning and adding the referendum to this year’s property tax bills, which will be sent out in December.
“My understanding is that we proceed as if the referendum has passed,” Tapp said. “At this point (the appeal) is not hindering us.”

Appealing the appeal

The April 7 ballot included a referendum authorizing the district to spend up to $1 billion over 30 years for construction of new schools, improvements of existing facilities and technology upgrades.
The initial election results, announced April 13, showed the referendum passing by five votes with 16,748 in favor and 16,743 opposed.
A recount, triggered by citizen petitions, was conducted from April 18 to 25 at Festival Hall. The recount results showed that the referendum passing with 16,715 votes in support of the measure and 16,711 votes in opposition.
Some of the petitioners who called for the recount — James Sewell, Dennis Montey and George Meyers — then filed an appeal in Racine County Circuit Court. On July 10, Circuit Court Judge Michael Piontek upheld the recount and the Board of Canvassers’ final tally.
Piontek is a swine who refused to recuse himself, even though he is tied to RUSD.  Why were RUSD personnel allowed to recount the votes?  Racine is a rotten, corrupt, pig sty.  RUSD can't wait to start pissing away our money.

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