Saturday, December 19, 2020

Judge gives Alfonso Morales his job back as chief, reverses Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

From JSOnline:
Alison DirrAshley Luthern
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A judge has given Alfonso Morales, Milwaukee's ousted police chief, his job back — one day after the board that demoted him selected a new acting chief.

In a ruling Friday, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Christopher Foley reversed the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission's August decision to demote Morales.

Morales subsequently retired, sued and requested a judicial review of the decision.

What will happen next remains uncertain.

The ruling comes as the commission continues to search for a permanent police chief after deadlocking on two external candidates. 

Foley only reversed the decision and did not give further instructions — something he said he could not do because of the commission's own failures.

"I acknowledge that from the City’s perspective there is great benefit in remand with directions," he wrote. "Remand continues the status quo as of the conclusion of the Commission hearing with Mr. Morales demoted to captain and appealing that demotion. It avoids the potential, noted in media accounts, of 'two chiefs.'

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