Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Former Racine County Circuit Court Judge Michael Piontek given DEJ (Deferred Entry Judgment) for illegal hunting practices (poaching)

From Racine County Corruption:

 Former Racine County Circuit Court 

Judge Michael Piontek given DEJ

 (Deferred Entry Judgment)

 for illegal hunting practices (poaching)

                                                                    Michael Piontek

An Ashland County judge gave former Racine County                    judge Michael Piontek a deferred entry judgement concerning charges of baiting and poaching of wildlife.

Michael Piontek was charged with numerous wildlife offenses between the dates of April 24 and April 27, 2020 as follows.

Piontek was charged with four offenses concerning wildlife offenses in 2020.
Piontek was found guilty of one out of four charges, a civil forfieture and was assesed a fine.

Below is the Public WCCA record entry of his criminal charge. 

Ct orders- Def will enter into a DEJ for 8 months, if the def successfully completes the DEJ the case will be dismissed, if he does not the case will come back in for sentencing. Deferred prosecution agreement hearing scheduled for December 10, 2021 at 01:00 pm.

Here is a great article written by Bruce Vielmetti of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal detailing the court's events.


From: http://racinecountycorruption.blogspot.com/2021/04/former-racine-county-circuit-court.html


TSE said...

Piontek is a Good Boy and was framed - just like Rich Chiapete, Tim Zarzecki and John Dickert. You should be sued for libel for publishing this trash!

Anonymous said...

OK go ahead and sue

TSE said...

It's way past time to see Piontek, Chiapete, Zarzecki, Dickert, Mason, Petak, Delagrave, DeGroot, Vos and Walker in cuffs and headed to prison for their crimes!


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Demand they let the People of Racine County breathe!