Sunday, July 11, 2021

Notes on Nick Fuentes’ Twitter Ban and the Future of the Totalitarian-Libertarian State


Nick Fuentes was always going to get banned from Twitter eventually.

He’d managed to get the blue check back a long time ago, then managed to keep his optics close enough to the mainstream to keep from getting banned longer than anyone else. Still, every time he tweeted, it was dead man walking.

The Hebrew Hammer came down on him on Thursday.

He was the last interesting person on the site, other than rando shitposters.

Bizarrely, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Jewish racial activism group, is bragging that they were able to get him banned by claiming that he had offended the Jewish race. They even made a meme to celebrate, blocking out his eyes, implying it is a kind of ritual murder.

Obviously, don’t click that link without a VPN or Tor. The long and short story of that link is that it is just a bunch of isolated quotes that the Jews have claimed offend them.

With regards to the moron-level boomer claim that Twitter is a private company which is allowed to take away anyone’s First Amendment rights, it should be noted that the SPLC contracts with the federal government, including the FBI, usually as relates to targeting people who have offended the Jews and entrapping them with fake crimes.

For example: the fake Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax that the FBI staged against members of the Oath Keepers earlier this year was an indirect or direct result of the SPLC lobbying the FBI to frame First and Second Amendment activists who have served in the military, as the SPLC considers former military men who identify as American Patriots to be terrorists.

If you have a desire to understand more about the Jewish agenda in America, it is worthwhile to find copies of the enemies lists of the SPLC and their sister organization, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an Israeli lobbying group. These Jewish interest groups put together these enemies lists in order that they should be targeted by federal law enforcement. Putting aside their mystifying, arcane rhetoric and jargon, ADL-SPLC enemies lists are identical conceptually to those fed to the NKVD by Jewish racial activism groups under the Bolshevik regime in Jewish-occupied Russia.

The organization’s stated goal is to promote Jewish interests and Jewish power in America. However, in a documentary about the Alt-Right released in 2017, SPLC employee Mark Potok was interviewed in his office at their headquarters, and it was revealed that he has a note on his wall tracking the replacement of the white population in America. This reveals their obvious but unstated goal, which is the extermination of white people.

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