Sunday, December 19, 2021

Russia Says “Moment of Truth” has Come

Let’s just do it.

I’m ready.


Moscow’s new proposals for security guarantees are aimed at averting a potential military conflict with NATO, Russia’s deputy FM has said, noting that the country’s relations with the US-led bloc have reached a tipping point.

The comprehensive deal, proposed to the US and NATO this week, serves the best interests of all the parties involved, and is designed to avoid a potential military showdown through political dialogue, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said Saturday.

“[By proposing the deal] we make it clear that we are ready to talk about how to transform a military or a military-technical scenario into a political process that will strengthen the military security of all states within The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Euro-Atlantic area and Eurasia,” Grushko told the Soloviev LIVE YouTube channel.

Should the West ignore Moscow’s attempt to rein in the tensions, Russia will resort to “creating counter-threats” of its own, the minister said, referring to potential deployment of new weapons systems within Russia’s borders.

“It will [then] be too late then to ask us why we’ve made such decisions, why we’ve deployed such systems,” he said.

Arguing that increasingly strained Russia-NATO relations have reached “the moment of truth,” which calls for a “fundamental decision,” the minister stressed that the ball is now in NATO’s court.

“We have taken this step and proceed from the fact that it will no longer be possible to somehow brush it [the security proposals] off.”

Russia has consistently offered peace proposals, and they’ve been rejected in the most off-handed and ridiculous ways, with the Brandon Administration claiming, nonsensically, that it is a core value of America to have NATO weapons in the Ukraine.

The impasse has been reached, and the only remaining option appears to be war.

It probably won’t happen tomorrow.

But you know – the US isn’t getting any stronger. Not only is the country collapsing internally, its military is rapidly becoming weird and incompetent.

They’ve definitely got some great hardware though!

If I were running Russia, I would cut communications with the West entirely after this latest rejection. Washington has already decided on war, and no one can deny that. If war doesn’t happen, it’s solely due to incompetence.

What I would do, if I were the Russians, would be pouring 100% of my resources into convincing China that it is in their best interests for Russia to not lose a war.

But maybe those discussions have already happened.

Maybe as soon as NATO moves on the Ukraine, China is going to move on Taiwan, and we’ll be in the countdown to the end of this evil empire.


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