Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Merry Christmas, my dears!  How are you?  I'm doing well.  Despite the early onset of winter, the holiday season has consumed me.  I've decorated the entire interior of the house and Señor Zanza and Junior have done the exterior.  Our home is a winter wonderland.  Stop by if you need some Christmas cheer.

Our flamboyant and erstwhile Green Bay Packers trounced the much-hated Chicago Bears.  No matter that some sportswriters call it "an ugly win."  A win is a win, no matter how you attain it, as long as you don't cheat.  Next Monday night, the Packers take on the Minnesota Vikings.  Fare well, o green and gold warriors!  Our hearts go with you.

In the Irregular Fantasy Football League, I defeated The Mighty Bears in a close playoff game to clinch fifth place.  Mr. OrbsCorbs' team suffered a trouncing and now he is in a duel for third place:

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Brr.  It's cold out.  I wish I was in Florida.  Or Arizona.  Or anywhere it's not 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  Why do we live here?  Are we nuts?  Maybe so, maybe so . . .  Were our ancestors Vikings who loved the cold?  Oh, to heck with it.  There's no reasonable explanation: we're simply crazy.  Oh my!

I see that Mr. Mayor Cory 'Butterball' Mason is playing the Grinch with Toys for Tots.  ( ) All of a sudden, the city wants all sorts of money for the basement of the City Hall Annex, where Toys for Tots is located.  What an absolute pig Butterball is.  His home is valued at less than half his neighbors' so that he can pay less in property taxes.  He has more assistants than Carter has little liver pills, and he has to loot the city's nonprofits to make ends meet.  Oink, oink, Butterball.  You are turning out to be worse than Lying John Dickert.  Lying John kept his scams where everyone could see them.  Butterball hides his, and then hides behind them.  The one sure thing that will draw Butterball out is any positive news that he can claim credit for and which presents a photo opportunity.  Butterball loves to see his smiling face next to good news stories.  Unfortunately, this is Racine, and the negative news far outweighs the positive.  Hide, Butterball, hide!

Don't miss Party on the Promenade this Saturday, December 21st.  ( )  It looks to be an entertaining bash.  HOT Government ( ) is dedicated to transparency in government.  That is a very noble cause.

The Wisconsin Christmas Carnival of Lights is taking place at Jellystone Park, 8425 Highway 38.  Check out the Journal Times story:

The Wisconsin Christmas Carnival of Lights, which this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary, is open through Dec. 31 for the season at Jellystone Park Camp-Resort, 8425 Highway 38, Caledonia.

Finally, I leave you with "Christmas Songs 24/7 🎄Best Christmas Music Playlist 2019:"

I love you, my dears.  Enjoy the holiday season.  Don't get frostbite.  Take care of yourselves.

Please, treat each other with respect.  Peace.
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