Monday, October 19, 2009

The iChill Trial - Lizardmom's review too (update)

** see lizardom's review below**
First, let me say that it was very cool that we were direct marketed with freebies. The irregulars were noticed.

We've fulfilled our part by blogging and upping the buzz, so to speak.
(pun intended) Last night I gave the free sample a whirl.

The bottle calls it a relaxationshot. Maybe this babe is too stressed out to relax, as I was not so impressed. Two ounces in the bottle of a clear liquid with a very sweet taste, but a distinct artificial sweetener aftertaste. (I hate that, my tongue still feels dry) The flavor sent to us was blissful berry. I've downed worse.

I didn't drink half, I was brave and downed the whole thing. I sat for an hour or so waiting for some effect. Nothing exciting happened. I don't believe I felt one bit more relaxed or sleepy. I went to bed and slept. I woke at a normal time.

The vitamins can't hurt. The natural ingredients probably won't hurt anything. But will it help?

I checked with the experts at Mayo clinic. Here is a direct quote from a Mayo Clinic Internist, Brent A. Bauer,MD. "If you're thinking of taking melatonin supplements to treat insomnia, there's little evidence that taking melatonin supplements will help you fall asleep significantly faster or help you stay asleep longer." I have to agree with that statement.

Their website says the cost is about $4.00 per shot. Hmmm. As our new friend, jedwis said, vodka is cheaper and probably more effective... certainly more potent.

Don't go totally by my opinion. We need to let others try it. Some of our irregulars do not dip into stronger spirits and are more inclined to use herbal and natural supplements. I know Lizardmom has been toting one around with her. Drink up lady! We need a second opinion! There are more available for the testing. Regular irregulars can email Liz or come to the next get-together.

Sorry iChill, I can't give it a thumbs up. I knew someone who once said that when you try something new, you live a day longer. I can always say that by trying iChill, I extended my life through the experience.

Well guys, you have no idea how badly I want to give this rave reviews. I am very familiar with valerian root as a herbal supplement. I have used it before, but never could get past the stink. So here are the highlights of my try of
ichill -
1. No valerian stench - awesome!
2. I tried this while really annoyed and had a very sore neck and
shoulder muscles.
I'm still annoyed but my muscles are a bit more relaxed and not as sore -
that's a good thing, tho i wish it would have done a little more.
3. The taste wasn't too bad but drinking out of such a small opening proved
more challenging than me on a bad day could handle :(

Personally, all in all I would give it a 6 out of 10, not bad, but could be tweaked a bit stronger (at least for me - and I'm very sensitive to stuff)

Ichill folks, if you make an extra strength version, I would love to try it again :)


Sassa said...

Sorry but I have trouble sleeping and found another reciepe to tide me over til Monday when I can call the doc for a refill. It's rum and coke. M-m-m-m-m-m And I am quite sure it has vitimins and nuetrients and is on the food pyrimid. (Spell check?) Also, and this is funny, I woke up twice in the middle of the nite hearing a knock on the door. I waited both times figuring if they want to get in they can knock again. Today thinking about it I am wondering if it was the man next door knocking on the wall because I was snoring (loud). LOL How do you know if you snore if you live alone? Ah therein lies the tale.

OrbsCorbs said...

Good question, Sassa. My shrink once asked me if I snored. I told him my ex said I did 20 years ago, so I assume I still do.

Hey kk, don't pan the freebies. You're supposed to make 'em want to give us more free stuff: "The iChill certainly relaxed me and made me feel much more sociable, but I think Jose Cuervo might do even better. If only the Irregulars had a case of Cuervo to sample...."

OrbsCorbs said...

Or, "A Tesla Roadster would probably be even more relaxing. If only the Irregulars had a Tesla Roadster to drive..."

kkdither said...

Dang, I'm so bad at this; I needed your coaching!

Hey {waves her hand} I did mention vodka. I would be more than willing to review some Stolichnaya or even some Grey Goose or Absolut. I'm sure I could find satisfactory adjectives to please their companies.

Chocolates: I would love to sample and review some of the very dark varieties...

The trouble is, I am usually too honest. If something doesn't perform, I can't recommend it.

I can tell you that $10.00 per pound, Sartori, BellaVitano Merlot cheese I bought last week at Tenuta's is da'BOMB!

OrbsCorbs said...

I want Lizardmom's review. You may be immune to iChill's ingredients. Or maybe you have a high tolerance for "intoxicants."

Lizardmom said...

I am hoping to be stressed soon, I am not a happy sick person and usually have a short fuse, so when I get to that point at work, I'm going to hit the bottle and report back soon
(going on 2nd round of a cold, yuk )

SER said... it up with a little vodka

OrbsCorbs said...

Yeah, maybe a dollop or two of Robitussin-DM, too. :)

kkdither said...

NyQuil has much more of a kick than Tussin.

happy hippy chick said...

If you dont know what is in a product - especially one they are giving away for free- you should never take it unless you know for sure the ingrediants- you may have an underlying allergy.